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We take great pride in raising and selling the highest quality Sphynx cats in the Northwest. They are cared for in a loving and nurturing free-roam environment. All of our cats are raised as part of the family from the moment they are born. We have had Sphynx cats for nearly 20 years and could simply never imagine our house or life without them. Our cat are never isolated or subjected to the caged treatment found in many catteries. Our cats are always well socialized with their litter-mates and our adults. In addition our cats are well socialized with people as well as their roommate Yorkshire Terrier, Kitty.

Unlike many catteries, we take the re-homing of our cats and kittens extremely serious. Each cat/kitten that is re-homed is an individual that we have spent a great deal of time caring for as if it were one of our own children. We feel it necessary to be somewhat selective in who we sell to. We are interested in the BEST home for our cats/kittens rather than re-homing to the first potential buyer. Therefore, we reserve the right to only sell to prospective buyers that we feel would be a great fit and be able to adequately give the care and time needed for the cat to flourish.