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We ship all of our cats via Delta Airlines. All of our cats are shipped with a bag of food, a free custom made cozie or crate pad (depending on outside temperatures) and will follow the strict guidelines set by Delta Airlines – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Blow I’ve noted some of the frequently asked about terms regarding shipping from Delta’s website.



  • All live animal shipments are required to be pre-booked prior to arrival at the origin facility.
  • International Pet Shipments must be booked a minimum of 3 days in advance and a maximum of 14 days in advance.
  • U. S.-based Pet Shipments must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance and a maximum of 14 days in advance

Holding & Pickup

  • Climate-controlled Live Animal holding areas are available in four Delta hub cities: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas and Salt Lake City.
  • Upon arrival in the destination city, pets will be delivered to the Delta Cargo facility within 60 minutes.
  • All shipments must be picked up at the destination city cargo facility based on the destination station’s guidelines.

Health Requirments

A health certificate is required when shipping your pet as cargo. Effective Oct1,2013 Delta will require a health certificate for all pets checked as baggage Some destination states may require a health certificate for your pet.

Weather Conditions

Delta reserves the right to refuse live animals as checked baggage and as cargo if the animal’s health is in question and/or if the health of the animal may be jeopardized by extreme conditions.